Welcome to Wash and Wear Laundry’s definitive guide on “The Art of Drying Your Washable Shoes in the Dryer.” As experts in laundry care, we understand the importance of properly caring for your footwear to extend its lifespan and maintain its quality. In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll delve into the best practices for safely drying your washable shoes using a dryer, offering practical tips and insights to ensure optimal results. Whether you’re dealing with sneakers, canvas shoes, or other washable footwear, we’ve got you covered with our expert advice.

If you’ve ever wondered whether you can wash shoes, the answer is a resounding yes. Specifically, washable shoes or shoes for cleaning can save you considerable time and energy, while maintaining the fresh look and feel of your footwear. However, proper drying is the key to ensuring their longevity. This guide will walk you through the entire process of drying your shoes in the dryer, step by step.

Identifying Shoes for Cleaning

Determining if your shoes are suitable for cleaning is the first step. Check the manufacturer’s care instructions or material composition. Materials like canvas, nylon, and some synthetic materials are generally safe for machine washing and drying. Avoid washing and drying shoes made of leather or suede, as these materials can get damaged. Having the best shoe cleaner on hand can make the process smoother.

Preparing Your Shoes for the Dryer

Once your shoes have completed the washing cycle, it’s important to rid them of extra moisture. Do this by gently pressing them between a dry towel. If your shoes come with removable insoles, take them out – they’ll dry more quickly on their own. Additionally, it’s wise to remove any shoelaces, as these can potentially become a tangled mess during the drying cycle. This preparatory stage ensures your shoes are ready for the dryer and will help streamline the drying process.

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Choosing the Correct Dryer Settings

It’s crucial to select the appropriate dryer settings to protect your shoes during the drying process. Opt for a low heat or an air fluff setting, as high heat could potentially distort or shrink your footwear. Remember, the dryer’s purpose is to accelerate the drying process and retain the form of your shoes, not to dry them completely. Setting your dryer on a delicate or low heat cycle ensures your shoes are treated gently, minimizing the risk of damage. By correctly setting your dryer, you not only extend the life of your shoes but also preserve their original shape and structure.

Using Dryer Balls or Towels

During the drying cycle, incorporating dryer balls or a dry towel can effectively mitigate the noise produced by shoes tumbling in the machine. In addition to dampening the noise, they serve as a cushion, reducing the impact on your shoes and promoting even drying. However, be aware of color transfer if you choose to use a towel – a light-colored towel with colored shoes could absorb some of the shoe dye. By adding these additional items into your dryer, you can ensure a more efficient and quieter drying process for your washable shoes.

Post-Drying Steps

Upon completion of the dryer cycle, your shoes may still be slightly damp. To ensure they are thoroughly dried, let them air out for an additional 24 hours before wearing. Exposure to sunlight can assist in further cleaning white shoes, given its natural bleaching properties. Be cautious with colored footwear in sunlight, though, as it can lead to discoloration. Additionally, it’s important to note that the drying process isn’t just about removing moisture; it’s also crucial for preserving the shape and overall structure of the shoe. Following these steps will ensure that your shoes are not only clean but also dry and ready for your next wear.

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Alternative Drying Methods

Should you find the dryer method unsuitable or if your footwear is not dryer-friendly, there are several alternative solutions available. One approach is to stuff the interior of the shoes with newspaper or dry fabric. These materials will not only absorb the remaining moisture but also help to maintain the shoe’s form. Using a fan or blow dryer in a cool setting is another efficient drying option. If your footwear is of high quality or constructed from sensitive materials, allowing it to air dry naturally is the safest course of action. These alternative methods ensure your shoes are completely dry while keeping their original shape intact.


In conclusion, mastering the art of drying your washable shoes in the dryer is essential for preserving their integrity and prolonging their lifespan. By following the tips outlined in this guide, you can safely and effectively dry your footwear without compromising on quality or risking damage. Remember to always check the manufacturer’s instructions and exercise caution when using the dryer, especially with delicate materials. At Wash and Wear Laundry, we’re committed to helping you keep your shoes in top condition, so you can step out with confidence. Stay tuned for more expert tips and insights on laundry care on our blog.

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