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We Handle Your Dry Cleaning & Laundry Problems!

Dive into a World of Lavish Laundry Excellence at Wash and Wear Laundry: Setting a New Standard for Quality and Affordability Laundry Dubai.

Our state-of-the-art machinery and premium products work together to rejuvenate your fabrics, providing a luxurious touch and a brand-new feel. Enjoy the latest fabric cleaning innovations that elevate the overall quality of your garments. What sets us apart?

Not only do we deliver top-notch laundry services, but we also make it more convenient for you with our commitment to affordability.

We take pride in offering the most budget-friendly service without compromising on excellence.


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 • Affordable Prices


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Bedspreads, Comforters and Linens

At Wash and Wear, we clean all fabric types with professional expertise to ensure quality care. 

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Bridal and Couture Cleaning

We add a dazzling radiance to your bridal couture that will make your day even more special! 

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Using the most appropriate ironing techniques, we erase every single crease and bring a refined look to your garments. 

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Dry Cleaning

We examine every delicate garment with precision as we bring a gleam of freshness to your fabric. 


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Wet Cleaning

One of the natural ways of cleaning fabrics, wet cleaning does not utilize any harsh chemicals that deteriorate the quality of your garments. 

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Carpets & Curtains

With a flawless track record in cleaning and laundering carpets and curtains, Wash and wear laundry provides its customers with top-tier services. 

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Bag Cleaning

Being one of the most prized possession of every individual, we take care of your bags in the most professional manner.


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Shoe Cleaning

Being one of the premium shoe spas in Dubai, Wash and Wear Laundry gives your shoes a brand new look that will make them look as good as new! 

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Toy Cleaning

Your soft toys will always keep the child inside you alive! Quite often, they are overlooked and tend to accumulate dirt, dust, and bacteria to be fatal for toddlers. 

How We Work

Step 1

Bag up all your dirty Clothes

We are delighted to collect your laundry and guarantee that it receives expert laundering and pressing.

Step 2

We pick up your Clothes

To arrange a pickup, simply notify us via our ordering channels. Place your bags in the assigned pickup area for a driver to collect.

Step 3

We Clean your Clothes

Our facilities boast such high standards that we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our products.

Step 4

We deliver clean and folded clothes

Your immaculate attire will be returned to you promptly, no matter the time or place.

Our offerings



Bedspread, Comforter and Linen, Carpet & Curtain and Bag, Shoe & Toy Cleaning.


From AED 6

Service Time

24-48 hrs

Pickup Delivery


Choose Time


Suit, Shirt, Kandura, Jacket, Underwear, Blouse, Skirt, Dress, Trousers and more.


Suit, Shirt, Kandura, Jacket, Underwear, Blouse, Skirt, Dress and more.

From AED 6

From AED 6

24-48 hrs

24-48 hrs




Tops, Bottoms, Formals, Traditional, Tops, Bottoms, Formals, Traditional & more.


Courture, Wedding dress, high-end couture garments and more.

From AED 6

From AED 6

24-48 hrs

24-48 hrs



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