Wash and Wear Laundry

Wash And Wear Laundry


Never use harsh products to remove any stain. You might worsen it or remove the dye from the fabric. Carefully blot it but do not vigorously rub the material. You can gently flush it with water or club soda.

If you see a stubborn stain on your garment, take it to the dry cleaner as soon as possible in order to prevent the stain from setting or oxidizing. 

Draw attention to every stain and spot on your garment. Each stain requires personal attention and it will bring more ease to the task of the technician. 

Perspiration stains contain salts that can damage the quality of your fabric, especially silk. Thus, get rid of them as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage and weakening of the fabric.

Some silk dyes bleed or change colour when exposed to alcohol. Allow perfumes, deodorants, and hair sprays to dry before coming in contact with your garments.

Dry cleaning extends the life of a garment by reducing the wear and tear that occurs in a regular washing machine. Elevate the quality of your fabric by availing of our dry cleaning facilities.

We provide you with plastic bags to protect your garments until you reach home. However, when you store your clothes, we recommend keeping them uncovered or in a cloth bag.